2Dデザイナー & アニメーター




  • Photoshop、 Illustratorなどの基本的なツールの使用スキル
  • 2Dアニメーションデータやアセットデータ作成経験
  • グラフィック、デザインの発注窓口経験、および制作進行業務の経験
  • マネージャーとエンジニアの間を取り持ち、アセットデータを作成するチームワーク力
  • 優れた対人能力及びコミュニケーションスキル
  • マルチタスクを実行し、高品質の成果物を時間どおりに完成できる、自発的で責任感のある人


  • Live2D、Spineなどのモデル、アニメーションデータ作成スキル
  • After Effectsの映像作成スキル
  • 開発者及びプレイヤー、両方の観点からのスロットゲームに対する関心
  • 印刷物等のデザインと基礎知識
  • ゲームショー等イベントへの出展経験
  • 突発的なデザイン業務にも対応できる柔軟性







We are a new company, and we are just getting started!
We are looking for teammates to join us in our new office.
You will be responsible for creating assets for video slot games and facilitating the graphics production process (While discussing with game designers and engineers, you will create graphics and animations to be implemented).
Since it is not a very common job in Japan, you will be working in cooperation with our overseas colleagues.
If you like to create rich graphics and animation within design constraints, you are more than welcome!

Necessary Skills

  • Use of Photoshop, Illustrator and other basic tools
  • Experience in creating 2D animation data andasset data
  • Experience in being a contact person to receive graphic and design orders, as well as experience in facilitating the production process
  • Teamwork skills for working with managers and engineers to create asset data
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Multi-tasking, being able to complete high-quality art products on time
  • Self-motivated and responsible person

Desired Skills

  • Modelling and animation skills in Live2D, Spine etc.
  • Video-making skills in After Effects
  • Being interested in slot games from both developer’s and player’s perspectives
  • Design and basic knowledge of printing materials
  • Experience in exhibiting at events like game shows etc.
  • Flexibility to deal with unexpected design tasks

Work Place
3 minutes walk from Gotanda Station

Work hour
11am to 20pm (lunch time: 13:30-14:30)

Working Day
Monday to Friday

Annual Holidays
121 days

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